Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

When I moved back to Malaysia, I had to pack most of my belongings and clothes into storage and when I arrived back where I started from the bare minimum. I figured I would just get new clothes along the way because everything I own or buy will have to shipped back to Australia. Since being back five months ago, I have (most definitely) acquired a few new items in my wardrobe.

However, I have decided to go on a personal challenge to create a capsule wardrobe for myself. What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? Well by definition, it is a collection of essential clothes paired with seasonal pieces. This is a combination of interchangeable items to maximise the number of outfits created. A capsule wardrobe represents a set of clothing and accessories usually range from 20-30 pieces of things (including shoes and jackets but not underwear or accessories).

There are many reasons why a capsule wardrobe is helpful in daily life. In an earlier post about being a minimalist (here), I explained that this concept aims to simplify life and get rid of the excess to be able to focus on more important aspects. In this context, creating a capsule wardrobe will allow more time and money spent on unnecessary items that you don’t need in your collection in the long run.

With being a minimalist, you would be able to concentrate on getting good quality statement pieces instead of wasting it on lots of clothes you don’t wear or are not well made. Quality instead of quantity.

Lastly, as your sense of style may evolve over the decades, a change or revamp your style could help inspire you and keep things fresh. A capsule wardrobe may differ from person to person. Each has different needs according to their lifestyle. But for me, a capsule wardrobe will help me live a little simpler and focus more on quality rather quantity. It will also help me a have an essential wardrobe while I’m here in Malaysia on a short-term basis.

Have you thought about revamping your day-to-day clothes? I’d love to know what you think. 

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